Los Angeles

Marina Del Rey, California

I have no idea what I waited so long before going to shoot timelapses at Marina Del Rey. This is so pretty and I guess I chose the right day for this. The sunset was breathtaking! Boats are different than cars cause they float. You don’t say?

Thunderstorm in Los Angeles

I got lucky a few weeks ago. I was expecting clouds and rain but not Thunderstorm and Lightning Bolts when I went to the Griffith Observatory to shoot a few timelapses. Here is the result …

Dark Clouds Above LA

Clouds are really (really really really) rare in Los Angeles. So when I saw those dramatic looking clouds, I just went out with my equipment and shot those 2 timelapses!

Universal City

One of my favorite project was to go to Universal City Overlook on Mulholland Drive to shoot the amazing sunset in timelapse!

Dodger Stadium

I was asked by Time Warner Cable to shoot timelapses of the Dodger Stadium and the Staples Center for their Sportsnet Los Angeles TV Channel.   >> Watch more Facebook and Instagram Videos Don’t forget to turn on HD for a better viewing experience!


One of my favorite things to shoot in timelapse, it’s rain, dark clouds and storms. It’s just breathtaking!

Downtown Los Angeles

I was invited by Skyspace LA at the top of the US Bank Tower in Downtown Los Angeles to shoot those incredible timelapses.