The Perfect Light – 2016 Showreel

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Timelapse Photography is not about the gear and what camera you are using. It’s about capturing the perfect moment in time with the perfect light from the perfect spot. The Perfect Light is Emeric Le Bars 2016 Timelapse Photography Showreel. Shot all around the United-States, it required hours and hours of work and more than 100,000 pictures.

You can see that most of the shots are just normal timelapses, with no slider or zoom in/out etc .. only because I didn’t think it was needed. I think the subject, the way you shoot it, the way you color correct it and the way you show it to the world is more important than anything else. Those timelapse videos are the way I see the world, colorful, beautiful and exciting.

You can purchase a license for all those timelapses on or by clicking on Licensing at the top of this page.


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