Learn How To Create Stunning Timelapse Videos (Feat. Serge Ramelli)

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  • Duration: 2.5 hours
  • Language: English
  • Videos: 17
  • Level: Beginner – Intermediate

Before watching this course, you will need:

  1. LRTimelapse 4 (free up to 400 photos)
  2. Adobe Lightroom
  3. Bonus Video: After Effects or Premiere Pro (not needed for main courses)


In this timelapse master class you are going to learn a lot of things about timelapse photography.

We are covering every type of timelapse, from day to day to milky way timelapses. We are also teaching you how to create amazing and beautiful day to night “Holy Grail” timelapses where you have to change the settings while the camera is taking the pictures. Night to night timelapses are also included in this course. The last tutorial teaches you how to use a Revolve Camera motorized slider to create amazing motion controlled timelapse.

I am hosting the entire course with the famous photographer Serge Ramelli (www.photoserge.com).

We are giving you one timelapse raw sequence for the Milky Way tutorial, so you can practice at home if you don’t have access to an area to shoot the Milky Way!


Section 1 – Day to Day Timelapse

1. Introduction Timelapse Master Class (4:27)

In this course we introduce the master class and what we are going to do and talk about sets up for a classic day to day timelapse.

      2. Introduction to LRTimelapse Day to Day – Part 1 (8:43)

In this first video we are going to discover the workflow using the software called LRTimelapse, how to import the pictures in the program and how to color correct our timelapse.

3. Introduction to LRTimelapse Day to Day – Part 2 (8:12)

In this video we continue to explore LRTimelapse and how it works with Lightroom to retouch our day to day timelapse.

4. Introduction to LRTimelapse Day to Day – Part 3 (6:16)

We finally export the day to day timelapse, create the video from the sequence and stabilize it with Adobe Premiere Pro.

Section 2 – Day to Night Timelapse

5. Introduction to the Day to Night Timelapse (3:06)

Here is a quick intro of the art of day to night timelapse, also called “Holy Grail”. It is harder as you have to change your camera settings as you go, but Emeric has some really cool tricks on that!

6. Post-processing the Holy Grail Day to Night Timelapse – Part 1 (18:51)

We are opening our raw files into LRTimelapse and start retouching the first key framed photos.

7. Post-processing the Holy Grail Day to Night Timelapse – Part 2 (5:45)

We create the transitions in LRTimelapse and start exporting the raw sequence to create the video.

8. Post-processing the Holy Grail Day to Night Timelapse – Part 3 (1:42)

We export and watch the final result of the hardest art form of timelapse.

Section 3 – Night to Night Timelapse

9. Introduction and post-processing night to night Timelapse (11:09)

Cityscapes and city lights are beautiful subjects for timelapse photography. We take you to San Diego, California for a powerful and colorful night timelapse.

Section 4 – Astrophotography Timelapse (Free raw files!)

10. Introduction to Milky Way Timelapses (8:08)

In this video we go over the settings for doing Astrophotography timelapses.

11. Post-processing the Milky Way Timelapse – Part 1 (12:05)

We start importing and retouching our raw files. Each photo is a 30 seconds exposure and needs a precise editing.

12. Post-processing the Milky Way Timelapse – Part 1 (5:55)

We go back to LRTimelapse to create our transitions, check the visual previews and export ou JPG to create the final timelapse video.

Section 5 – Motion Controlled Timelapse

13. Introduction to Motion Controlled Timelapse (11:25)

In this video we show you how to use a really cool slider from Revolve Camera to create movement while you shoot your timelapse, adding an extra drama effects. This is called Motion Controlled Timelapse.

14. Post-processing the Motion Controlled Timelapse (8:45)

We work on our first timelapse shot with the Revolve Slider and lear how to retouch it and show you more examples of Motion Controlled timelapses that Emeric shot with the slider.

Section 6 – Bonus Videos

15. Deflickering a Timelapse (8:14)

Deflickering your timelapse is key and flickering car ruin your work. We show you the various options that LRTimelapse offers to remove this flickering from your timelapse.

16. Stabilizing a Timelapse with After Effects Tracking (19:27)

In this video, we show you a more advanced way to stabilize your timelapse if the Warp Stabilizer effect didn’t do a good job. This time we are using the Tracking Mode in After Effects.

17. Final Words (0:44)

It’s time to say good bye and thank you for following our adventures! See you soon!

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